Monday, September 12, 2011

First official haircut!!!

The subject of hair has been a difficult one for me. I would have been happy to just let him grow his hair out until he's old enough to tell me he wants it cut, or he grabs scissors and cuts it himself as kids sometimes do, I know I cut my brothers' hair! hehehehe. He had this beautiful strawberry blonde hair with perfect soft curls in the back and the thought of cutting them all of made me a little sad because I knew he wouldn't look like my baby anymore, he'd look like a boy. I miss that peaceful little baby that was content to lay on the couch with me and let me nibble on his cheeks all day. Then one day he quit snuggling me because there was this big world out there to explore and then he stopped nursing and now he runs and won't give me a kiss unless it's bed time and NOW.... he's officially a big boy with his big boy hair cut, but still, he's beautiful...

Friday, September 9, 2011

all the Krawczyk cousins

Macy calls me Auntie Doodles
hanging out with Macy and Connie

Jake & Auntie Mel

so on August 19th we went to the Lily pad ranch, not that there is anything unusual about that, we spend lots of time there, but this visit was an exciting one and for many reasons. We would be celebrating Grama Bunny's 50th birthday, and all of Ryan's sisters would be there! Auntie Jen, Auntie Mel, Auntie Connie, Uncle Rusty, and his cousins Kaila, Cameron, Lucas and Macy and Ryan, Jake and I were there, let me tell you, those were some happy grandparents! all their kids and all their grandbabies on the farm all at once! Jake had a blast chasing after the bigger kids, trying to keep up...
running to keep up
let me in!

busted eating whipping cream!

cousin Cameron
time for giggles
all together

he tried so hard to be grumpy but eventually she cracked him!

smiley babes

took a while to get them all looking at the camera but I got it
Auntie Jen

upside down Kaila
Flying Cameron!

Leaping Lucas


high 5 uncle Ryan!
bubba's new buddy

July and August

What a whirl wind of a two months! VISITORS galore! My house was a constant buzz with family coming and going. Jake always had a play buddy this summer, and it seemed to me that we spent it all outside which is how it should be! Yeah for summer fun in the sun!
In Vancouver with Great Grandpa Ivan

of course there were bubbles!

and lots of strawberries were devoured!

first ride on the ride em' with Grama Bunny

birthday cupcake 

and of course there was a TON of smoked meat!

My Auntie Jodie
Uncle Riche was the best play mate!

having a nap with my abuelo

riding his truck with his little teddy
hanging with Bhodie on his bday party!

yummy daddy, let me share with you

Having a snack with cousin Dylan

cool kiddo

camping in the tent trailer!
bath time with Cousin Dylan

helping mama & Auntie Sherisse weed the garden

mmmmm raspberry smash!

taking care of business
a little bit of kung fu!

navigating the deck
hanging with my neighbor friends

playing in the yard

and of course vacuuming, he LOVES it!

Year one movie

Well here it is folks, a movie of the first year of his life!!!
In the making SO many things come racing to mind like...
He was SO tiny and oh I miss when he slept all day! he doesn't even look like the same kid anymore, he's grown up SO much! Somewhere along the way his hair lightened, and he became this little ginger with a big voice and he's running around with teeth and a smirk, getting into whatever he can get his tiny hands on! and it also re-affirms, I definatly have to do this baby thing again!

Well my loves... enjoy

SO... I tried for a while to figure out why I couldn't upload it from my computer to this blog, but I'm just not tech saavy so here is the link to it when I posted it on facebook! enjoy

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all our love
R+J squared