Monday, March 28, 2011

Jakes favorite non-toys

Jacob has a trunk filled with wonderful toys that were given to him and a few age appropriate and developmentally stimulating toys that I have purchased, but it turns out his FAVORITE toys are not toys! My keys, cell phone, Tupperware, remote controls, wooden spoons, pots and pans, and his favorite..... Mama's salad bowls! or should I call this his first drum set

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Granny Kat and uncle Spenny came to visit

Poor little dude was having a blast this morning, all snuggles n giggles...but then we took him for his shots this afternoon, not so much fun ):

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hanging with Aunty Ash, reading my favorite book

Mexico pics

Jacob loved the ocean, peacefully watched the waved roll in and pull out, he also liked the salty water, dipping his finger in and sucking the salt off then switching fingers.

Unfortunately he was cutting his 2 front teeth while we were there so all he wanted to do was snuggle with his mama, to which I could never turn down that pouty face

We enjoyed many lunches on the beach, mama ate LOTS of shrimp fajitas and Jacob ate mama's beans so she wouldn't be so gassy!
playing with Grandad

reading with Abuela

took a few tries, but we laughed when he finally realized, limes are sour!

napping on the beach

napping at lunch time

the napping champ!!!

the little big boy

snuggles with Grandad

pouty face

8 months in a flash!!!

Well since I missed blogging the first 8 months of Jacob's life, here it is in a whirlwind!
We brought our baby home on Canada Day and I wondered for quite a while if he was really mine? I really get to keep him? His real mommy isn't going to come and take him away and break my heart? It was the surreal feeling that we had created life. Jacob was the newest drug of choice & we were addicted from the start!

In the beginning he slept... ate..... pooped.......ate some more.... and slept more.
At 7 weeks we left on our first adventure as a family! Road trip to BC so we could introduce our bundle of joy to much of Ryan's Family.  Jacob had visited Family & Friends in Enderby, Kamloops, Sheridan Lake, Vancouver, Victoria & Nanaimo. He travelled like a pro and charmed everyone with his smiles & beautiful eyes!

After arriving home, we settled into life at home. at 3 months we started swimming classes, which he LOVED! He loved splashing, kicking, the singing and seeing all the other babies!
At 4 months he discovered his toes and would suck on his toes any chance given, bath time, diaper change, just hangin' out, those feet were in his mouth! He also started taking a bottle, pulling himself up with our help & LOTS of Daddy encouragement, but our favorite, he discovered the Jumperoo!!! he'd jump for an hour if we'd let him!

At 5 months he sat up all by himself, out of the blue really, and we started feeding him solid foods! He LOVED rice cereal, apple sauce, carrots, green beans and peas, but avocado... well let's say he didn't love it, but he still ate it!

At 6 months we took Jacob for his first flight to Fort Nelson to Spend Christmas with Big Papa, Granny Kat & Uncle Spencer. Mommy & Daddy got the flu, but Jacob was happy as a clam! jumping in his jolly jumper & eating. We also learned, he's an easy traveller, making friends on the plane. Everyone would have this scared look as they loaded on the plane past us, but at the end everyone was telling us how awesome he was! As if we didn't know already! And as soon as we got home out popped his two bottom teeth in 1 week, and really there was no fussing! Lucky us!!!

at 7 months we Took Jacob to Costa Rica for 2 weeks to visit my Papa and he travelled SO well, slept better that at home and was ridiculously happy! Probably because he was naked for most of it!  We took him to Rivers where he waded in the pools, the ocean where he had his first surf lesson, and hung out & watched people jump from the top of waterfalls (not us, we were to chicken!)
Unfortunately the trip ended with a VERY grumpy Jake :( he cried the whole flight home, I guess he didn't want to go home to the -30C weather, but can you blame him?

Almost immediately after arriving home the little dude started CRAWLING!!! eeeeekkkkkkk!!! AND pulling himself up on ANYTHING he can and coasting! including the couch, autumn, laundry baskets, fire place hearth and even poor Bubba. So scary for mama but Daddy is SO proud of his boy! Also the little man has begun eating more complex things like lentils & vegetable stew, beans & cheese! He LOVES food time! If we don't shovel the food in fast enough he makes it known "GRRRRRRRRR feed me!" He's a boy with a healthy appetite! 

Then I was crazy enough to take him to Mexico by myself to visit with my mom & step dad! he was a happy boy during the days, but he decided to pop his top 2 teeth out while we were there so the nights were pretty rough but nothing a whole lot of snuggling, kisses & a bit of Tylenol couldn't take care of. 
Hmmmm... having trouble downloading my pics from Mexico, I'll add a couple later.

So now that I'm up to date it'll be easier to keep you all up to date on the new adventures on baby Jacob!
Much love to you all
R+J squared

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloggings of the little big boy

So here it the first of many entries on Jacob's blog. It occurred to me that there were people that I wanted to be able to keep in the loop all of the wonderful things this little boy is getting up to! So here it is, a lovely blog that you can check up on whenever you feel you need your Jacob fix, and see what shenanigans we are getting up to!
Love you all SO much
R+J squared