Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Officially out numbered!

Apologies for being late, as usual! Late because this boy was 11 days overdue and late because... Well having two boys under two is BUSY! But here it is, the story of the birth of our second son! So any of you that are squeamish at the thought of fluids, uteruses and other such slimy things, maybe stop reading now! You've been warned!

So at 10 days over due team baby (Ryan, our wonderful midwife and I) had decided that we could start the rodeo, so I downed the gross whitchy concoction (verbena castor oil) and waited. Only 3 hrs later I was working thru some pretty hearty contractions! I kissed my first born goodnight and got down to business! My dear friend Christy (and midwife) came over and we three we're quiet in my room while I hummed my way thru some good contractions and napping in between, apparently even for a 30 second break, I nodded off, snoring and all! At 1am we decided to head to the hospital. Unfortunately I hadn't dilated much dispite good contractions:( after a few hrs of baby's heart rate being all over the place, muconeum in his fluid, a few different maneuvers to try to settle his heart rate and help me dilate, nothing had changed so.... We decided that rather than waiting until the baby was in distress, we would just go ahead and have another C section.
Now when we agreed to a Cesarean the first time I was devastated and terrified, this time, yes I was a little sad that I'd never have the vaginal delivery I'd always wanted, but I was relieved knowing that Ryan and I could both be present for the birth of our child.
I think it was within the hour we were in the OR and I was faced with the big blue curtain, holding my loving supportive husbands hands, he stroked my hair and kissed me when we heard our baby cry for the first time, and then... Our biggest surprise, " oh look he's peeing on you already!"
WHAT??? "HE???" no way it's a boy? We were both convinced we were going to bring home a baby girl, a Georgia Anne after my grandmother, but around the curtain came a tiny baby with big balls! It was true! another boy and the first thing the anesthesiologist said to me was "two boys! Your in big trouble!"

So Levi Erik Holmes was born.
May 15,2012
7lbs 9oz
Cooked to perfection!