Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'm still surprised when I wake up and try to swiftly sit up and realize I'm smuggling a watermelon! I still have moments of grumpy confusion when I think that Ryan has shrunk my shirt, and then it hits me, I'm pregnant!

An outie at 26 weeks!

January fun


We have been going to gym and swim class at the YMCA and he LOVES it!

My latest love!

Mr Mischief

So maybe this picture will give you an idea as to what this little boy has been up to!

Not only does this boy like to climb, he likes to climb on, and in what ever he can. The chopping block, the cupboards, the dishwasher, throwing everything out and climbing right on in with a book and taking a few minutes to flip thru the pages of his favorite book. He has also decided that all doors have to be closed, including the cupboards dishwasher washing machine, dryer, and the pantry door, and ESPECIALLY when I'm in the pantry!

And he LOVES to dance! Not only do daddy and I think it's hysterical, I especially love it when Daddy starts dancing too! COMEDY! I love my boys