Friday, May 20, 2011

Standing tall

So the boy has been standing independently for some time now, maybe 5 weeks, but I would now say that he's a sturdy stander! He can push himself up from the ground and stand by himself for a few minutes, AND shake his maracas! stay tuned for news of his first steps!!!

The Fam Jam in Edmonton!

Mama, Kayla and I took a short road trip to Edmonton. I was a little cranky so Kayla sang me songs and helped me go to sleep! Jasper was an awesome big cousin, sharing his toys, pushing me in the swing at the park and we played lots of peek a boo. We were there just long enough to catch a snuggle with Aunty Joy, My great Aunty Lala & uncle Andy and even caught a quick visit with my Aunty Amanda (dad's sister!)

Lookin' good!

This hat was given to us and before I realized it sadly it don't fit.... But smart mama took out a few tiny stitches and snipped the elastic so it fits! Ain't he cute?