Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where's the pause button?

As time races by I have come to the realization that giving birth to our son was like giving birth to my heart. He is my heart, burst wide open and I have to watch him struggle to communicate his needs and wants, I have to watch him learn things the hard way like pinching his fingers in the drawers and opening the door into his face. It's a scary thing to watch but so amazing to see how fast he learns what NOT to do.
And what seemed like all at once, he started signing more, all done, and milk. He started taking steps all by himself, 2, then 4 and now across the room. He figured that the remote changes the TV, and daddy jumps! The phone is held to your head while you blab, and he looks behind the computer when we skype, he wants to know where the rest of the person is. He's mimicking faces and expressions, and most recently he's become the entertainer! Flexing his muscles, smiling and waving, clapping blowing kisses and making funny faces, anything to have a captive audience! He amazes me every day, and a year ago today I gave birth to him. From helpless to an independent little funny boy. He is my sunshine, the sand between my toes, the first whiff of my morning coffee, the ice-cream on my pie and the cream cheese icing on my cupcake. He is my heart and we are SO blessed to be his parents

Happy birthday my boy, feliz cumpleaƱos mi nene

I can't wait to see what adventures you have in store for us!