Saturday, February 11, 2012

3rd trimester

so time flys when your chasing a toddler and growing a squirmy gremlin! WOW I'm into my 3rd trimester already!!! I wish time would slow down a bit, I feel like I'm missing it being so pre-occupied with this little boy I call my hurricane.

Did I tell you all that I had a dream.....
yes one of those dreams where I had the baby, they were wiping the baby off on my belly and I yelped
one set of arms lifted the tiny babe and two other arms spread the legs and I giggled
"OH!!!! Girl parts!"

So we'll have to wait and see! Poor Grandma Eleanor in begging and pleading for a girl, she called very early on in the pregnancy and put her request in, as she did the first pregnancy
"I don't want to put any pressure on you Jewls, you know I'll love any baby that is a Holmes, but if you could... I'd LOVE a baby girl!" we'll have to see if Grandma gets her wish!
Anyone want to start a baby pool??? any Holmies out there?
So here is a belly update, 28 weeks and growing!

All our Love
R+J Squared
and Cookie too!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hairy interruption

So I'm having a lovely date with my some smooth chocolate ice-cream, the dreamy vocals of city and color in my soaker tub. Soaking up the peace until the water cools so I get out and start lotioning my body with some yummy cocoa butter when .... OMFG I have a hairy lower back!!! Yes that's right, soft fuzzy hair ON MY BACK!
Damn pregnancy hormones, I swear it wasn't there before