Tuesday, January 13, 2015

again, I rarely use this platform, I will however have a new blog starting soon, a little more yoga related, but it will still be alot to do with our evolution as a family, Myself as a mother, woman, & yogini.

I just wanted to share with you something I realized today. I was doing my Kryia (yoga sequence/meditation) today, and I had a BIG realization. I often beat myself up because I think "I'm not doing enough yoga" It is said that asana, postures, are ONLY 10% of what Yoga is really about. It is the science of the body and mind. It is about the evolution of humanity, it is about developing a kindness, compassion, and respect for ourselves, and the world around us. It is about personal evolution. So it occured to me, I meditate, I question things, I activley find beauty, and positivity, and even on the saddest of days, like today, I was able to comfort my friends, re-assure them, nurture them, because I felt I had enough of me, to give more, give freely, BECAUSE I take care of me.
My relationship with myself is ever-changing, and it effects my relationships with others in such a way that I seriously feel like the sun could shine out of my ass somedays!

Rewind to 2008 a very dark time in my life, taking a self help seminar with a group of others who also were in a pretty dark self loathing place. At the end of the course everyone is given honest feedback of their participation, and it was said by most that I am like the warm sunshine on a sad day. If that isn't THE best of compliments, I don't know what is, but I thought they were crazy!

I never understood it then, but now I see, I have always been this person, I just had other ideas of what I thought I was, and became those negative thoughts.

So that's another layer, a little nugget to share with you

All my love


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