Friday, March 15, 2013


So folks I decided I might share with you some of my favorite quick, yummy and sometimes healthy meal ideas!

Let's start with some pizza on the grill!
The crust: is the thorn in my side! I love making it from scratch, but I can never get it right on the grill, I'll have to chat with my sister Ashley about that one, she's the pro! so for now we'll go with store bought! thin crust
Sauce: a lovely Italian man told me simple, quality ingredients, and don't forget to add the love! So I usually start with a can of whole tomatoes, not the no name, the expensive ones! some sea salt, sometimes if I have time, 1 or 2 roaster garlic cloves, sometimes a couple of roasted red peppers,  always olive oil and zing it up in the bullet!
toppings: 1. to make it super simple I drop some pretty basil leaves, sliced baby zucchini halved cherry or grape tomato, flesh side up and sliced (NOT grated) mozzarella, makes for a ooey gooey yummy eats
2. If I have a bit more time I like to saute some mushrooms, red pepper, onion, while that's sizzling I add some quality Italian sausage, we like something spicy! spread the sauteed toppings, top with sliced mozzarella
3. I trade tomato sauce for BBQ sauce, saute onion and mushroom, cut up leftover chicken and throw some BBQ sauce on that, and mix it in with the sauteed onions, spread on crust and add slices of mozza!
on the Grill because I love the char yummy on the bottom, and I don't like heating up the whole house with a pizza craving!
preheat the grill, turn it down to medium heat, rub a bit of olive oil on the bottom of your crust and place it directly on the grill. keep a close eye on it, cook until the cheese is bubbly! you may have to turn it around on the grill a few times if you have a hot spot on your grill! mine is always hotter in the back. And to get that yummy specimen off the grill, four words...double fist the flippers!

here are just a few pics of the different ways I've tried making pizza on my grill! enjoy!

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